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* Use siphash for hashtablesThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-1/+3
* Properly send and display wg_errno and errmsgThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-6/+13
* Extract all RTNETLINK code into ipm.{c,h}Thomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-57/+24
* Serialize/deserialize messages into a structThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-87/+117
* Stop passing devname and ifindex aroundLinus Nordberg2019-12-111-7/+6
* Ignore routes not for the wg interfaceLinus Nordberg2019-12-111-2/+2
* server: restore leases from allowedips at startupLinus Nordberg2019-12-111-1/+29
* server: add --leasetime as a commandline optionLinus Nordberg2019-12-111-5/+36
* lease: handle allowedips updates and improve APILinus Nordberg2019-12-111-47/+13
* Improve error handling and serializationThomas Gschwantner2019-08-201-49/+32
* Initialize pools from routes via netlinkThomas Gschwantner2019-08-171-7/+47
* Implement lease expirationThomas Gschwantner2019-07-181-3/+3
* Use epoll() instead of poll()Thomas Gschwantner2019-06-141-84/+115
* Don't overwrite peer changes by othersThomas Gschwantner2019-06-131-46/+28
* Implement basic lease managementThomas Gschwantner2019-06-121-126/+89
* Use hashtable to match ll-ip with pubkeyThomas Gschwantner2019-06-021-31/+34
* No need to clear bits in pollfd reventsLinus Nordberg2019-05-261-3/+0
* Implement client sending ip-request and configuring interfaceLinus Nordberg2019-05-261-3/+9
* Implement faked allocations, server sideLinus Nordberg2019-05-261-85/+233
* Accept multiple connections in one goThomas Gschwantner2019-02-251-12/+28
* Match incoming IP with pubkeyThomas Gschwantner2019-02-251-10/+87
* Implement key=value parsingThomas Gschwantner2019-02-091-41/+64
* Fix licensing headersThomas Gschwantner2019-01-271-3/+2
* Implement basic validation and I/O multiplexingThomas Gschwantner2019-01-261-25/+292
* Initialize project with scafolding and embeddable-wg-libraryJason A. Donenfeld2019-01-241-0/+40