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diff --git a/api/registry.h b/api/registry.h
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--- a/api/registry.h
+++ b/api/registry.h
@@ -118,11 +118,15 @@ RegistryQueryStringWait(_In_ HKEY Key, _In_opt_z_ const WCHAR *Name, _In_ DWORD
* @param Value Pointer to DWORD to retrieve registry value.
+ * @Log Set to TRUE to log all failures; FALSE to skip logging the innermost errors. Skipping innermost
+ * errors reduces log clutter when we are using RegistryQueryDWORD() from
+ * RegistryQueryDWORDWait() and some errors are expected to occur.
+ *
* @return ERROR_SUCCESS on success; ERROR_INVALID_DATATYPE when registry value exist but not REG_DWORD type;
* ERROR_INVALID_DATA when registry value size is not 4 bytes; Win32 error code otherwise.
-RegistryQueryDWORD(_In_ HKEY Key, _In_opt_z_ const WCHAR *Name, _Out_ DWORD *Value);
+RegistryQueryDWORD(_In_ HKEY Key, _In_opt_z_ const WCHAR *Name, _Out_ DWORD *Value, _In_ BOOL Log);
* Reads a 32-bit DWORD value from registry key. It waits for the registry value to become available.