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* api: implement %r format type for logging registry pathsr/simons-wild-n-crazy-printfSimon Rozman2021-02-061-39/+182
* api: upgrade loggingSimon Rozman2021-02-051-5/+70
* api: truncate long log lines with …Simon Rozman2021-02-041-3/+5
* global: bump copyrightJason A. Donenfeld2021-01-301-1/+1
* api: CALLBACK_FUNC -> CALLBACKJason A. Donenfeld2020-11-041-2/+2
* api: use a logging alloc functionJason A. Donenfeld2020-11-041-2/+4
* api: concatenate function name at runtimeJason A. Donenfeld2020-11-041-3/+20
* api: consistancy in exported interfaceJason A. Donenfeld2020-11-021-0/+2
* api: cleanup namesJason A. Donenfeld2020-11-011-2/+2
* api: get rid of pch and make headers saneJason A. Donenfeld2020-10-311-1/+2
* api: use standard C voidSimon Rozman2020-10-301-3/+3
* api: make logger callback return a dummy valueSimon Rozman2020-10-301-1/+2
* api: introduce loggingSimon Rozman2020-10-301-0/+49