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* macOS: Consolidate presenting of the import panelRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-8/+1
* macOS: Present tunnel activation errors from the window when possibleRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-0/+26
* macOS: Manage tunnels: Update tunnels list on changesRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-2/+7
* macOS: Manage tunnels: Set window titleRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-0/+1
* macOS: Show open panel as sheet on manage windowRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-5/+11
* macOS: s/macMenuStatus/macStatus/g;Roopesh Chander2019-01-141-2/+2
* macOS: Manage tunnels window: Tunnels listRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-1/+5
* macOS: Show status as disabled menu itemsRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-1/+63
* macOS: Ability to activate / deactivate a tunnelRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-32/+68
* macOS: Ability to import tunnels from fileRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-7/+59
* macOS: Add tunnel management menu itemsRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-0/+19
* macOS: Create status bar with tunnel namesRoopesh Chander2019-01-141-0/+34