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* Move logic to extension: Move PacketTunnelOptionsGenerator to the extensionRoopesh Chander2018-11-081-178/+0
* TunnelsManager: account for no or many endpointsJason A. Donenfeld2018-11-051-7/+11
* Global: run through swiftlintJason A. Donenfeld2018-11-031-2/+2
* Global: fix up captialization in headersJason A. Donenfeld2018-10-301-1/+1
* VPN: Cleaner derivation of subnet mask from CIDR network prefix lengthRoopesh Chander2018-10-281-14/+8
* VPN: Bring up the tunnelRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-0/+180