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### Primary systems TODO

- Finish porting [this script](https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-linux/tree/tools/testing/selftests/wireguard/netns.sh)
  to `./tests/netns.sh` using vnets and epairs.
- Marshall peers directly to nvlists without going through intermediate
  structures (`wg_peer_export`) and the like. This means grappling with the use
  of epoch there, and either making nvl allocations not sleep, or doing nvl
  allocations outside of epoch critical sections, or possibly deciding epoch
  doesn't actually matter there because we're holding an sx.
- Rework locking and epoch lifetimes; come up with consistent set of rules.
- Chop off padding on rx after verifying lengths, so that tcpdump doesn't see
- Shore up vnet support and races/locking around moving between vnets.
- Work out `priv_check` from vnet perspective. (There's no `ns_capable()` on
  FreeBSD, just `capable()`, which makes it a bit weird for one jail to have
  permissions in another.)
- Resize mbufs once at the beginning, and then encrypt/decrypt in place, rather
  than making a new mbuf and copying. (Remember to clear the tags and other
  pieces of metadata before passing it off to udp sending or netisr receiving.)
- Check nonces in serial, rather than in parallel. (This requires taking a
  keypair reference; ncon is working on it.)
- Audit allowedips / radix tree checks, and make sure it's actually behaving as
  expected. (It might be useful to port [this selftest](https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-linux/tree/drivers/net/wireguard/selftest/allowedips.c).)
- Make code style consistent with one FreeBSD way, rather than a mix of styles.

### Crypto TODO

- Do packet encryption using opencrypto/ with sg lists on the mbuf, so that we don't need to linearize mbufs.
- Send 25519 upstream to sys/crypto, and port to it.
- Send simple chapoly upstream to sys/crypto, and port to it.
- Port to sys/crypto's blake2s implementation.

### Tooling TODO

- Relicense wg(8) as MIT and integrate into upstream build system.
- Examine possibility of a non-bash wg-quick(8) for sending upstream.