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+### Primary systems TODO
+- Finish porting [this script](https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-linux/tree/tools/testing/selftests/wireguard/netns.sh)
+ to `./tests/netns.sh` using vnets and epairs.
+- Marshall peers directly to nvlists without going through intermediate
+ structures (`wg_peer_export`) and the like. This means grappling with the use
+ of epoch there, and either making nvl allocations not sleep, or doing nvl
+ allocations outside of epoch critical sections, or possibly deciding epoch
+ doesn't actually matter there because we're holding an sx.
+- Rework locking and epoch lifetimes; come up with consistent set of rules.
+- Chop off padding on rx after verifying lengths, so that tcpdump doesn't see
+ zeros.
+- Shore up vnet support and races/locking around moving between vnets.
+- Work out `priv_check` from vnet perspective. (There's no `ns_capable()` on
+ FreeBSD, just `capable()`, which makes it a bit weird for one jail to have
+ permissions in another.)
+- Resize mbufs once at the beginning, and then encrypt/decrypt in place, rather
+ than making a new mbuf and copying. (Remember to clear the tags and other
+ pieces of metadata before passing it off to udp sending or netisr receiving.)
+- Check nonces in serial, rather than in parallel. (This requires taking a
+ keypair reference; ncon is working on it.)
+- Audit allowedips / radix tree checks, and make sure it's actually behaving as
+ expected. (It might be useful to port [this selftest](https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-linux/tree/drivers/net/wireguard/selftest/allowedips.c).)
+- Make code style consistent with one FreeBSD way, rather than a mix of styles.
+### Crypto TODO
+- Do packet encryption using opencrypto/ with sg lists on the mbuf, so that we don't need to linearize mbufs.
+- Send 25519 upstream to sys/crypto, and port to it.
+- Send simple chapoly upstream to sys/crypto, and port to it.
+- Port to sys/crypto's blake2s implementation.
+### Tooling TODO
+- Relicense wg(8) as MIT and integrate into upstream build system.
+- Examine possibility of a non-bash wg-quick(8) for sending upstream.