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* conn: reconstruct v4 vs v6 receive function based on symtabJason A. Donenfeld2021-04-121-5/+51
* all: make conn.Bind.Open return a slice of receive functionsJosh Bleecher Snyder2021-04-021-9/+8
* conn: make binds replacableJason A. Donenfeld2021-02-231-24/+19
* global: bump copyrightJason A. Donenfeld2021-01-281-1/+1
* conn: fix interface parameter name in Bind interface docsBrad Fitzpatrick2021-01-261-1/+1
* conn: add comments saying what uses these interfacesDavid Crawshaw2020-06-221-2/+5
* conn: unbreak boundif on androidJason A. Donenfeld2020-06-071-0/+7
* conn: fix windows situation with boundifJason A. Donenfeld2020-06-071-4/+4
* global: update header comments and modulesJason A. Donenfeld2020-05-021-1/+1
* conn: introduce new package that splits out the Bind and Endpoint typesDavid Crawshaw2020-05-021-0/+101