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* global: Add SPDX tags and copyright headerJason A. Donenfeld2018-05-031-0/+5
* Add missing locks and fix debug output, and try to flush queuesJason A. Donenfeld2018-05-011-2/+13
* Do not hard code MTU defaultJason A. Donenfeld2018-04-191-2/+2
* Allow determining nameJason A. Donenfeld2018-04-181-0/+8
* Use relative importsJason A. Donenfeld2018-02-121-1/+1
* Revert "Don't use modules"Mathias Hall-Andersen2018-02-121-1/+2
* Don't use modulesJason A. Donenfeld2018-02-121-2/+1
* Moved ratelimiter to internal packageMathias Hall-Andersen2018-02-111-2/+3
* Work on logging formatMathias Hall-Andersen2018-02-041-1/+0
* Removed debugging locksMathias Hall-Andersen2018-02-041-44/+36
* Align with go library layoutMathias Hall-Andersen2018-02-041-0/+372