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2020-05-06tai64n: make the test deterministicDmytro Shynkevych1-4/+7
In the presence of preemption, the current test may fail transiently. This uses static test data instead to ensure consistent behavior. Signed-off-by: Dmytro Shynkevych <dmytro@tailscale.com>
2020-05-02global: update header comments and modulesJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-02-05tai64n: whiten nano secondsJason A. Donenfeld1-2/+3
Avoid being too precise of a time oracle.
2019-02-05Update copyrightJason A. Donenfeld1-2/+2
2018-11-08tai64n: use proper nanoseconds offsetJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+1
The code before was obviously wrong. Reported-by: Vlad Krasnov <vlad@cloudflare.com>
2018-09-16global: fix up copyright headersJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+1
2018-05-03global: Add SPDX tags and copyright headerJason A. Donenfeld1-0/+5
Mathias should probably add his copyright headers to each file too.
2018-02-12Use relative importsJason A. Donenfeld1-0/+0
2018-02-12Revert "Don't use modules"Mathias Hall-Andersen1-2/+2
This reverts commit bffe99aeadae09abd02f2bd3184925af6b680535.
2018-02-12Don't use modulesJason A. Donenfeld1-2/+2
Feel free to revert this if you have a strong feeling about it. But so far as I can see, it adds a lot of complexity for basically no upsides.
2018-02-11Moved ratelimiter to internal packageMathias Hall-Andersen1-0/+0
2018-02-11Moved tai64n into sub-packageMathias Hall-Andersen1-10/+8
2018-02-04Align with go library layoutMathias Hall-Andersen1-0/+0
2017-06-24Restructuring of noise impl.Mathias Hall-Andersen1-0/+5
2017-06-23Beginning work noise handshakeMathias Hall-Andersen1-0/+23