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* Document RPC-related modules.HEADmasterBaylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-43/+58
* Plumbed RPC set parser to STM state.Baylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-81/+25
* Wire up RPC set parsers to STM state.Baylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-48/+70
* Implemented RPC parsers.Baylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-5/+4
* Extracted RPC types to proper module.Baylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-57/+36
* Implement and test RPC show Peer feature.Baylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-68/+91
* Make imports in RPC.hs explicit.Baylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-46/+57
* Setup travis CI.Baylac-Jacqué Félix2017-09-161-7/+12
* Initial commitBin Jin2017-03-121-0/+187