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authorKuninori Morimoto <kuninori.morimoto.gx@renesas.com>2020-08-27 08:55:39 +0900
committerMark Brown <broonie@kernel.org>2020-08-28 11:38:23 +0100
commit20d9fdee72dfaa1fa7588c7a846283bd740e7157 (patch)
tree9d473d9e2ef26fbf1be0f5eba76d53ada04b3090 /include
parentMerge series "ASoC: Fix return check for devm_regmap_init_sdw()" from Vinod Koul <vkoul@kernel.org>: (diff)
ASoC: soc-core: add snd_soc_find_dai_with_mutex()
commit 25612477d20b52 ("ASoC: soc-dai: set dai_link dpcm_ flags with a helper") added snd_soc_dai_link_set_capabilities(). But it is using snd_soc_find_dai() (A) which is required client_mutex (B). And client_mutex is soc-core.c local. struct snd_soc_dai *snd_soc_find_dai(xxx) { ... (B) lockdep_assert_held(&client_mutex); ... } void snd_soc_dai_link_set_capabilities(xxx) { ... for_each_pcm_streams(direction) { ... for_each_link_cpus(dai_link, i, cpu) { (A) dai = snd_soc_find_dai(cpu); ... } ... for_each_link_codecs(dai_link, i, codec) { (A) dai = snd_soc_find_dai(codec); ... } } ... } Because of these background, we will get WARNING if .config has CONFIG_LOCKDEP. WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 53 at sound/soc/soc-core.c:814 snd_soc_find_dai+0xf8/0x100 CPU: 2 PID: 53 Comm: kworker/2:1 Not tainted 5.7.0-rc1+ #328 Hardware name: Renesas H3ULCB Kingfisher board based on r8a77951 (DT) Workqueue: events deferred_probe_work_func pstate: 60000005 (nZCv daif -PAN -UAO) pc : snd_soc_find_dai+0xf8/0x100 lr : snd_soc_find_dai+0xf4/0x100 ... Call trace: snd_soc_find_dai+0xf8/0x100 snd_soc_dai_link_set_capabilities+0xa0/0x16c graph_dai_link_of_dpcm+0x390/0x3c0 graph_for_each_link+0x134/0x200 graph_probe+0x144/0x230 platform_drv_probe+0x5c/0xb0 really_probe+0xe4/0x430 driver_probe_device+0x60/0xf4 snd_soc_find_dai() will be used from (X) CPU/Codec/Platform driver with mutex lock, and (Y) Card driver without mutex lock. This snd_soc_dai_link_set_capabilities() is for Card driver, this means called without mutex. This patch adds snd_soc_find_dai_with_mutex() to solve it. Fixes: 25612477d20b52 ("ASoC: soc-dai: set dai_link dpcm_ flags with a helper") Signed-off-by: Kuninori Morimoto <kuninori.morimoto.gx@renesas.com> Link: https://lore.kernel.org/r/87blixvuab.wl-kuninori.morimoto.gx@renesas.com Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <broonie@kernel.org>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/include/sound/soc.h b/include/sound/soc.h
index 5e3919ffb00c..4176071f61bf 100644
--- a/include/sound/soc.h
+++ b/include/sound/soc.h
@@ -1361,6 +1361,8 @@ void snd_soc_unregister_dai(struct snd_soc_dai *dai);
struct snd_soc_dai *snd_soc_find_dai(
const struct snd_soc_dai_link_component *dlc);
+struct snd_soc_dai *snd_soc_find_dai_with_mutex(
+ const struct snd_soc_dai_link_component *dlc);
#include <sound/soc-dai.h>