BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
davem/netMerge branch 'wireguard-fixes-for-6-5-rc6'Jakub Kicinski7 weeks
stableMerge branch 'wireguard-fixes-for-6-5-rc6'Jakub Kicinski7 weeks
davem/net-nextnet: mvneta: Remove unused variable iColin Ian King11 months
develnet: mvneta: Remove unused variable iColin Ian King11 months
jd/new-archswireguard: selftests: support OpenRISCJason A. Donenfeld14 months
backport-5.4.ywireguard: selftests: use microvm on x86Jason A. Donenfeld15 months
gregkh/stable-5.4.yLinux 5.4.203Greg Kroah-Hartman15 months
jd/deferred-aip-removalwireguard: allowedips: batch process peer removalsJason A. Donenfeld2 years
jd/orphan-parallelwireguard: queueing: orphan outgoing packets to clear sk_bound_dev_ifJason A. Donenfeld3 years
jd/xdp-l3net: xdp: account for layer 3 packets in generic skb handlerJason A. Donenfeld3 years
jd/shorter-socket-lockwireguard: socket: do not hold locks while transmitting packetsJason A. Donenfeld3 years
jd/unified-crypt-queuewireguard: unify encryption and decryption workersJason A. Donenfeld3 years