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[Zinc] Add PowerPC chacha20 implementation from openssl/cryptograms
Only runs on the out-bound path, as the in-bound path is in an interrupt, but that can be fixed in Linux. Otherwise this is tested (with the VSX code enabled) on Power 9 (ppc64le). Without this I get 2GiB/s over the loopback (so 4 GiB/s), and with this I get 2.8 GiB/s (so 5.6 GiB/s), and more time is spent in poly1305 than chacha20. This is on a 4-thread VPS. Signed-off-by: Shawn Landden <shawn@git.icu> v2: more complete simd.h for PPC benchmarks whitespace issues v3: honor CONFIG_ALTIVEC (CONFIG_VSX has already honored)
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