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authorMathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk>2020-06-19 23:45:56 +0200
committerMathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk>2020-06-19 23:45:56 +0200
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parentAdded architecture illustration. (diff)
Replace RwLock<HashMap> with DashMap in handshake
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diff --git a/src/wireguard/peer.rs b/src/wireguard/peer.rs
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--- a/src/wireguard/peer.rs
+++ b/src/wireguard/peer.rs
@@ -22,13 +22,15 @@ pub struct PeerInner<T: Tun, B: UDP> {
// wireguard device state
pub wg: WireGuard<T, B>,
+ // TODO: eliminate
+ pub pk: PublicKey,
// handshake state
pub walltime_last_handshake: Mutex<Option<SystemTime>>, // walltime for last handshake (for UAPI status)
pub last_handshake_sent: Mutex<Instant>, // instant for last handshake
- pub handshake_queued: AtomicBool, // is a handshake job currently queued for the peer?
+ pub handshake_queued: AtomicBool, // is a handshake job currently queued?
// stats and configuration
- pub pk: PublicKey, // public key (TODO: there has to be a way to remove this)
pub rx_bytes: AtomicU64, // received bytes
pub tx_bytes: AtomicU64, // transmitted bytes