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* Reduce number of type parameters in routerMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-311-2/+0
* Explicitly clear t0 in KDF macroMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-311-3/+8
* Fix race condition on response processingMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-311-28/+52
* Better management of key materialMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-312-213/+217
* Move to RustCrypto AEAD crate for handshakeMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-303-157/+98
* Renamed confirmed -> initator on keypairMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-282-7/+7
* Added sealing/opening to the router workerMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-271-1/+1
* Update the blake2 crate to fix bug upstreamMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-261-0/+66
* Move to hjul crateMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-241-1/+4
* Allow DoS mitigation to take any endpoint impl.Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-231-5/+11
* Layout work on routerMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-161-0/+4
* Port replay filter and sketch router stateMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-122-37/+38
* Kill GC thread on Ratelimiter dropMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-103-112/+209
* Concurrent rate limiterMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-071-107/+143
* Added initiation flood protectionMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-074-26/+53
* Add rate limiter check to handshake messages.Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-065-8/+192
* Prepare for resuse of message buffers for responseMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-054-22/+31
* Multiple mac2 can be checked concurrentlyMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-052-20/+17
* Checking of mac2 fields on initiation & responseMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-055-76/+119
* Validate mac2 fieldMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-033-14/+24
* Added property-based test for full DoS interactionMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-032-28/+41
* Remove rust-crypto, move to libsodium bindingsMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-022-16/+178
* Unit test for mac1 validationMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-012-15/+61
* Successfully validate mac1 fieldMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-014-27/+97
* Make unit tests passMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-015-65/+84
* Move to nested handshake message structureMathias Hall-Andersen2019-07-304-124/+242
* Begin work on MAC field processingMathias Hall-Andersen2019-07-298-0/+1378