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* Make IO traits suitable for Tun events (up/down)Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-248-65/+82
* Update configuration APIMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-175-8/+8
* Update UAPI semantics for removeMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-1510-19/+125
* Work on configuration interfaceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-022-2/+14
* First full test of pure WireGuardMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-282-2/+54
* Fixed Ordering::Acquire -> Ordering::SeqCst typoMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-232-4/+6
* Work on pure WireGuard testMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-232-24/+25
* Moved IO traits into platform moduleMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-2311-53/+518
* Work on platform specific code (Linux)Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-235-26/+88
* Work on porting timer semantics and linux platformMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-164-194/+193
* Work on Linux platform codeMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-132-0/+215
* Removed platform modMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-201-2/+0
* Remove peer from cryptkey router on dropMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-172-21/+0
* Begin drafting cross-platform interfaceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-08-163-0/+23