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* Work on netlink IF event code for LinuxMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-271-75/+149
* Enable up/down from configuration interfaceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-251-5/+7
* Make IO traits suitable for Tun events (up/down)Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-241-15/+35
* DaemonizationMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-211-2/+2
* Clean dependencies and importsMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-211-2/+5
* Bug fixes from compliance tests with WireGuardMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-181-5/+10
* Update configuration APIMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-171-6/+13
* Update UAPI semantics for removeMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-151-1/+1
* Work on UAPI serialize deviceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-111-0/+3
* Removal of secret key in the handshake moduleMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-081-63/+65
* Implement disable/enable timersMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-061-1/+6
* Work on Up/Down operation on WireGuard deviceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-041-83/+35
* Work on UAPI parserMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-031-14/+8
* Work on configuration interfaceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-021-0/+20
* Add derived_sessionMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-311-2/+11
* Work on timer semanticsMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-311-10/+30
* First full test of pure WireGuardMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-281-6/+41
* Work on pure WireGuard testMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-231-39/+47
* Moved IO traits into platform moduleMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-231-4/+4
* Work on platform specific code (Linux)Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-231-6/+44
* Work on porting timer semantics and linux platformMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-161-6/+23
* Work on Linux platform codeMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-131-0/+407