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2021-01-13Allows for erroneous Clippy lintsHEADmasterMathias Hall-Andersen10-14/+30
Signed-off-by: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk>
2021-01-05Upgrade dependenciesMathias Hall-Andersen4-30/+34
Signed-off-by: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk>
2020-10-08Fix some clippy warningsQuang Luong24-163/+136
Signed-off-by: Quang Luong <quangio@outlook.com>
2020-06-19Replace RwLock<HashMap> with DashMap in handshakeMathias Hall-Andersen3-29/+36
2020-06-14Added architecture illustration.Mathias Hall-Andersen2-43/+36
2020-06-11Prevent lock guard from being dropped prematurelyJanito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho <janito@mullvad.net>
2020-05-22Enable wireguard-rs to build on stable.Mathias Hall-Andersen4-7/+15
WireGuard Rust targets the latest nightly compiler, primarily for security and speed reasons. The recommended way to build WireGuard Rust is still with latest nightly.
2020-05-17Elimited Daemonize dependencyrm-dummyMathias Hall-Andersen2-18/+111
2020-05-13Remove "list_peers" and "lookup_peer".Mathias Hall-Andersen6-61/+67
2020-05-10Refactoring timer code:Mathias Hall-Andersen9-175/+186
- Remove the Events struct - Implement Callbacks on the PeerInner, elimiting an Arc.
2020-03-29Added checks for zero shared-secretMathias Hall-Andersen3-12/+41
To mirror the behavior from the kernel module, as per private correspondence with Jason.
2020-03-29Restructuring and dependency version bump.Mathias Hall-Andersen20-140/+584
2020-03-16Upgraded treebitmap dependencytestsMathias Hall-Andersen2-2/+2
2020-02-26Additional in-order queue test for routerMathias Hall-Andersen1-7/+74
2020-02-21Fixed unit testsMathias Hall-Andersen7-70/+83
2020-02-20More comprehensive unit tests for routerMathias Hall-Andersen9-563/+625
2020-02-16Simplified router codeMathias Hall-Andersen15-826/+638
2020-02-16Fixed EINVAL on read4/6 from invalid namelenMathias Hall-Andersen5-15/+18
2020-02-12Bumped crate versions.Mathias Hall-Andersen10-193/+240
2020-02-01Squashed commit of the following:Mathias Hall-Andersen20-308/+929
commit 1e26a0bef44e65023a97a16ecf3b123e688d19f7 Author: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk> Date: Sat Feb 1 14:36:50 2020 +0100 Initial version of sticky sockets for Linux commit 605cc656ad235d09ba6cd12d03dee2c5e0a9a80a Author: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk> Date: Thu Jan 30 14:57:00 2020 +0100 Clear src when sendmsg fails with EINVAL commit dffd2b228af70f681e2a161642bbdaa348419bf3 Author: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk> Date: Sun Jan 26 14:01:28 2020 +0100 Fix typoes commit 2015663706fbe15ed1ac443a31de86b3e6c643c7 Author: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk> Date: Sun Jan 26 13:51:59 2020 +0100 Restructure of public key -> peer state Restructured the mapping of public keys to peer state in the project. The handshake device is now generic over an opaque type, which enables it to be the sole place where public keys are mapped to the peer states. This gets rid of the "peer" map in the WireGuard devices and avoids having to include the public key in the handshake peer state. commit bbcfaad4bcc5cf16bacdef0cefe7d29ba1519a23 Author: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk> Date: Fri Jan 10 21:10:27 2020 +0100 Fixed bind6 also binding on IPv4 commit acbca236b70598c20c24de474690bcad883241d4 Author: Mathias Hall-Andersen <mathias@hall-andersen.dk> Date: Thu Jan 9 11:24:13 2020 +0100 Work on sticky sockets
2019-12-27Fixed typo in under load codecleanMathias Hall-Andersen5-25/+68
2019-12-26Remove unused under_load codeMathias Hall-Andersen2-18/+10
2019-12-26Make under_load global for WireGuard deviceMathias Hall-Andersen13-337/+77
2019-12-21Remove unused test code.Mathias Hall-Andersen16-552/+545
- make naming consistent with the kernel module. - better distribution of functionality from src/wireguard.rs - more consistent "import pattern" throughout the project. - remove unused test code.
2019-12-16Constant renamed to be consistent with kernel WGMathias Hall-Andersen3-6/+7
2019-12-16Clean dead codeMathias Hall-Andersen18-110/+45
2019-12-16Revert to crossbeamMathias Hall-Andersen6-51/+21
2019-12-14Removed unused atexitMathias Hall-Andersen1-11/+1
2019-12-14Added profiler featureMathias Hall-Andersen10-47/+150
2019-12-10Remove crossbeam dependencyMathias Hall-Andersen7-71/+84
2019-12-09FormattingMathias Hall-Andersen9-42/+45
2019-12-09Move to run queueMathias Hall-Andersen9-251/+478
2019-12-06Fixed inbound job bug (add to sequential queue)Mathias Hall-Andersen10-207/+289
2019-12-03Moving away from peer threadsMathias Hall-Andersen14-432/+640
2019-11-28Close socket fd after getmtu ioctlMathias Hall-Andersen1-0/+17
2019-11-27Fetch updated MTU on linuxMathias Hall-Andersen1-20/+75
2019-11-27Work on netlink IF event code for LinuxMathias Hall-Andersen6-109/+311
2019-11-25Enable up/down from configuration interfaceMathias Hall-Andersen9-85/+180
2019-11-24Make IO traits suitable for Tun events (up/down)Mathias Hall-Andersen20-126/+186
2019-11-21DaemonizationMathias Hall-Andersen6-33/+72
2019-11-21Clean dependencies and importsMathias Hall-Andersen9-34/+57
2019-11-18Better compartmentalization of cryptokey routerMathias Hall-Andersen6-185/+395
2019-11-18Bug fixes from compliance tests with WireGuardMathias Hall-Andersen11-230/+291
2019-11-17Update configuration APIMathias Hall-Andersen15-105/+122
2019-11-15Update UAPI semantics for removeMathias Hall-Andersen18-140/+288
2019-11-13Initial version of full UAPI parserMathias Hall-Andersen4-83/+142
2019-11-11Work on UAPI serialize deviceMathias Hall-Andersen6-17/+113
2019-11-10Implemented UAPI "get" line-parserMathias Hall-Andersen5-161/+240
2019-11-08Removal of secret key in the handshake moduleMathias Hall-Andersen6-169/+190
2019-11-06Implement disable/enable timersMathias Hall-Andersen6-88/+138