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* tests: add peer stress testJake McGinty2018-05-181-0/+66
* tests: add test for rekey retry logicJake McGinty2018-05-091-10/+52
* tests: simulate stale session recovery (dropped keepalive packet)Jake McGinty2018-05-081-2/+14
* tests: add basic persistent keepalive timer testJake McGinty2018-05-081-0/+13
* tests: make sure line is not too chatty in passive keepalive caseJake McGinty2018-05-081-3/+14
* tests: more strict verification of packets in sanity-check testJake McGinty2018-05-081-4/+8
* tests: add beginning of timers test.Jake McGinty2018-05-081-0/+178
* tests: disable test I know is failing for now before I implement that featureJake McGinty2018-05-031-29/+31
* tests: gate iperf3 behind flag argumentJake McGinty2018-04-261-22/+37
* tests: re-enable failing test in netnsJake McGinty2018-04-261-28/+28
* tests: first stab at the script working with userspace and kernelJake McGinty2018-04-251-11/+23
* tests: missed a spot.Jake McGinty2018-04-251-9/+3
* tests: update pretty ascii graphJake McGinty2018-04-251-11/+11
* tests: start to normalize the ns calls to work with kernelJake McGinty2018-04-241-28/+28
* tests: start reaching parity with latest wireguard netnsJake McGinty2018-04-241-10/+101
* timer: use tokio-timer 0.2 and make timers cancelableJake McGinty2018-04-241-2/+0
* tests: more informative error bubbling for netns failuresJake McGinty2018-04-241-1/+13
* tests: make test output a little easier to work outJake McGinty2018-04-221-24/+13
* tests: disable iperf tests in netns for nowJake McGinty2018-04-221-20/+20
* tests: add little sleep when setting up interfacesJake McGinty2018-04-101-0/+2
* tests: fix netns counter testJake McGinty2018-04-051-1/+1
* ip_packet: fix ipv6 packet length helper methodJake McGinty2018-04-041-1/+1
* tests: message on failure rather than just ret non-zeroJake McGinty2018-04-031-0/+2
* tests: add netns test from wireguard-go repoJake McGinty2018-03-091-0/+426