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parentmanager: chdir into unelevated profile before execing (diff)
l18n: add localization support
Revise the messages to make them localizable. Note: The log messages are not marked for localization. Probably, we want to keep log files in English for easier global troubleshooting. Having a user run `go generate` requires a valid and up-to-date Go environment. Rather than instructing users how to setup the environment correctly, the `go generate` was integrated into build.bat. This reuses the Go building environment downloaded and prepared by build.bat to provide controllable and consistent result. Use `make generate` on Linux. As the zgotext.go output varies for GOARCH=386 and amd64, one had to be chosen to provide stable output. The former is the first one to build in build.bat. Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si>
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