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2020-11-27winipcfg: cleanup netsh error reportingJason A. Donenfeld1-7/+6
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2020-11-22global: update headersJason A. Donenfeld14-14/+14
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2020-11-13global: go generateSimon Rozman1-99/+94
Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si>
2020-11-13global: switch to using %w instead of %v for ErrorfJason A. Donenfeld3-61/+61
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2020-11-13firewall, winipcfg: add arm and arm64 build tagsJason A. Donenfeld4-0/+8
The structs stay the same size for the respective 32bit and 64bit platforms, so split things into _32 and _64. Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si> Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2020-10-21winipcfg, embeddable-dll-service, wintrust: fix Go 1.15 checkptr violationsBrad Fitzpatrick2-35/+38
Avoids "converted pointer straddles allocation" failures at runtime when building binaries in race mode with Go 1.15, which enables checkptr: https://golang.org/doc/go1.15#windows Signed-off-by: Brad Fitzpatrick <bradfitz@tailscale.com> [Jason: Note Go 1.16/1.17 todo item.] Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2020-10-04tunnel/winipcfg: set SysProcAttr.HideWindow when running netsh.shBrad Fitzpatrick1-0/+3
Prevents cmd.exe window flashes when running binaries in elevated interactive contexts for debugging. Signed-off-by: Brad Fitzpatrick <bradfitz@tailscale.com> Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2020-06-09winipcfg: add missing error case to dns domain settingJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+3
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2020-06-05tunnel: support setting dns domain suffixJason A. Donenfeld1-0/+27
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-10-04mod: bump versionsJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-10-01tunnel: windows does not always add/remove routes with up/down interfaceJason A. Donenfeld1-0/+4
On Linux, we're used to routes being added after an interface is up, and routes being removed as a consequence of an interface going down. On Windows, this isn't always the case, at least not from the perspective of the route notifiers. In order to work around this and make a multi-interface model coherent, we search for a new default route not only whenever the routing table changes but also whenever any interface link parameters change, such as up/down. The practical consequence is that now WireGuard connects properly when wifi is disconnected and then reconnected. Reported-by: Nenad Kozul <me@nenadkozul.com> Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-09-27winipcfg: make Unregister wait for callbacks to completeJason A. Donenfeld3-9/+30
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-09-27winipcfg: port more granular locking from route change to othersJason A. Donenfeld2-22/+36
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-09-27winipcfg: ensure we're passing copy to go routinesJason A. Donenfeld3-3/+6
The windows-allocated one gets freed. Reported-by: Odd Stranne <odd@mullvad.net> Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-09-27mod: bump versionsJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-09-23global: use SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR apis from x/sys/windowsJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+2
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-09-01winipcfg: launch callbacks in goroutines to prevent deadlockJason A. Donenfeld3-3/+3
ret: setupLock interfaceChangeLock trigger: interfaceChangeLock setupLock Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-08-30winipcfg: use upstream helper function for elevation testJason A. Donenfeld1-16/+9
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-06-18tunnel: wait for IP service to attach to wintunJason A. Donenfeld2-2/+69
This helps fix startup races without needing to poll, as well as reconfiguring interfaces after wintun destroys and re-adds. It also deals gracefully with IPv6 being disabled. Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-06-11winipcfg: prefer own methods over direct API callsSimon Rozman1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si>
2019-05-27winipcfg: make LUID.DeleteIPAddress accept IPNetSimon Rozman2-3/+9
Thou DeleteUnicastIpAddressEntry() cares about the IP only. Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si>
2019-05-25global: use filepath.Join uniformlyJason A. Donenfeld1-1/+2
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-05-25winipcfg: SocketAddressToIP was upstreamedJason A. Donenfeld2-27/+1
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
2019-05-24winipcfg: switch to windows.GetAdaptersAddressesSimon Rozman2-11/+1
Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si>
2019-05-23winipcfg: add note describing how to setup winipcfg testing environmentSimon Rozman1-0/+16
...to save us head-scratching time when trying to run the tests again few months later. Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si>
2019-05-22winipcfg: importJason A. Donenfeld16-0/+4426
We'll maintain this as part of the same repo here. Later maybe we'll push it into x/sys/windows. Signed-off-by: Simon Rozman <simon@rozman.si> Signed-off-by: Aleksandar Pesic <peske.nis@gmail.com>