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@@ -96,6 +96,26 @@ The audio data is encapsulated in an RTP packet (see RFC3550 Section 5.1)
#. Increase timestamp by number of frames in this audio packet
+Suspending Audio Transmission
+#. Send a ``FLUSH`` RTSP request
+#. Stop sending audio packets
+#. If the audio transmission is suspsending for too long (iTunes defines
+ "too long" as being equal to 2 seconds), send an RTSP ``TEARDOWN`` request.
+Resuming Audio Transmission
+#. If a ``TEARDOWN`` request has been sent, the RTSP connection has to be
+ recreated, so the steps described in ``Connect`` have to be replayed
+ (the ``OPTIONS`` step can be omitted)
+#. Start sending audio as if it was a new audio stream even if the
+ ``Connect`` steps weren't replayed. This means the transmission will
+ start with a SyncPacket marked as a "first" packet, and it will be
+ followed by an Audio packet with the "first" marker too.