Android WireGuard Module Builder

This builds WireGuard modules for various Android kernels.

Adding your phone's kernel

  1. Create a directory in kernels/ if it doesn't already exist.

  2. Add a corresponding manifest.xml, with versions based on stable non-moving tags and refs.

  3. Add a do.bash with minimal commands for conducting the build.

  4. Add a version-hashes.txt containing the output of printf '%s|%s\n' "$(sha256sum < /proc/version | cut -d ' ' -f 1)" "$(cat /proc/version)" from your phone.

Note that if a kernel directory already exists that is compatible (i.e. the module loads and works) with your phone's kernel, simply skip to step 4 and append the line.


Build all kernels:

$ ./build-all.bash

Build just one:

$ ./build-one.bash crosshatch


These are built, signed, and uploaded to the WireGuard download server. They can automatically be used by the WireGuard app:

WireGuard app downloading and inserting kernel module