Frequently Asked Questions

This is a compilation of frequently asked questions on the cgit mailing list. If you've got a cgit problem and cannot find an answer here, please send a request to cgit@lists.zx2c4.com (and consider sending a patch to the cgit wiki branch to update this faq if you get a nice answer to your question). The project also maintains the #cgit channel on Libera.Chat.

Why doesn't cgit find/show my repo?

This is most likely due to permission problems: cgit runs under your webserver user account and will need read access to your repo (and all of the parent directories)

Why does cgit complain that my repo is "Not a git repository"?

The most common cause of this is permission problems - see the previous faq entry for more details.

The second most common cause is that you've set repo.path to point at the working-directory of your git repo - it should point at the $GITDIR, i.e. the .git directory.

A less likely cause is that the repo is, infact, not a valid repo. Try to run 'git show' in the offending repo to see if git also thinks your repo has issues.

Why is the idle time for my repository wrong?

By default CGit uses the modification time of the default branch's ref file as a quick method of determining when the repository was last changed. If you primarily work on other branches then this work will not be reflected in the idle time.

You can use a post-receive hook to run a script that tells CGit the correct modification time by writing to info/web/last-modified. An example is provided in the CGit repository at contrib/hooks/post-receive.agefile.