cgit Quick Facts

  • web interface (cgi) for Git repositories, written in C.
  • licensed under GPLv2.
  • discussions, patches etc. go to the list (signup, archive).
  • real time chat available in #cgit on Libera.Chat.
  • common questions are answered in the FAQ.


  • basic repository browsing (logs, diffs, trees...)
  • caching of generated HTML
  • cloneable URLs (implements dumb HTTP transport)
  • commit feeds (atom format)
  • discovery of Git repositories
  • on-the-fly archives for tags and commits
  • plugin support for e.g. syntax highlighting
  • side-by-side diffs
  • simple time/author statistics
  • simple virtual hosting support (macro expansion)
  • understands GitWeb project-lists
  • understands gitweb.owner in Git config files
  • has extensive filtering framework using scripts or a built-in lua interpreter

Source Code

  • download current or past releases
  • clone the repo:
  • git clone https://git.zx2c4.com/cgit
  • see the README for build instructions