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authorGeorg Lukas <georg@op-co.de>2009-11-28 03:44:33 +0100
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"max-blob-size" config var to limit generated HTML size
Sometimes it is not feasible to generate the HTML pretty-print for large files, especially if a source-filter is involved or binary data is to be displayed. The "max-blob-size" config var allows to disable HTML output for blobs bigger than X KBytes. Plain downloads are not affected. Signed-off-by: Georg Lukas <georg@op-co.de>
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@@ -177,6 +177,10 @@ max-repodesc-length::
Specifies the maximum number of repo description characters to display
on the repository index page. Default value: "80".
+ Specifies the maximum size of a blob to display HTML for in KBytes.
+ Default value: "0" (limit disabled).
Set the default maximum statistics period. Valid values are "week",
"month", "quarter" and "year". If unspecified, statistics are