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authorJohn Keeping <john@keeping.me.uk>2013-04-14 19:15:43 +0100
committerJason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>2013-04-15 16:59:37 +0200
commitd483e8f5692117d6f3ea0801c0ca2ec7aa8f6f3b (patch)
tree384b0305c533bfe84bb88d6143e7f9f6e8da538b /tests/t0001-validate-git-versions.sh
parenttests: set TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY to the CGit test directory (diff)
t0001: ignore ".dirty" suffix on Git version
When testing modifications in Git that affect CGit, it is annoying to have t0001 failing simply because the Git version has a ".dirty" suffix when the version of Git there does indeed match that specified in the CGit makefile. Stop this by stripping the ".dirty" suffix from the GIT_VERSION variable. Note that this brings the "Git version" behaviour in line with the "submodule version" case which does not check if the working tree in git/ is modified. Signed-off-by: John Keeping <john@keeping.me.uk>
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diff --git a/tests/t0001-validate-git-versions.sh b/tests/t0001-validate-git-versions.sh
index 754046e..416ac30 100755
--- a/tests/t0001-validate-git-versions.sh
+++ b/tests/t0001-validate-git-versions.sh
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ test_expect_success 'extract Git version from Makefile' '
test_expect_success 'test Git version matches Makefile' '
( cat ../../git/GIT-VERSION-FILE || echo "No GIT-VERSION-FILE" ) |
- sed -e "s/GIT_VERSION[ ]*=[ ]*//" >git_version &&
+ sed -e "s/GIT_VERSION[ ]*=[ ]*//" -e "s/\\.dirty$//" >git_version &&
test_cmp git_version makefile_version