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@@ -99,6 +99,10 @@ enable-log-linecount::
and removed lines for each commit on the repository log page. Default
value: "0".
+ Flag which, when set to "1", will make cgit generate linenumber links
+ for plaintext blobs printed in the tree view. Default value: "1".
Url used as link to a shortcut icon for cgit. If specified, it is
suggested to use the value "/favicon.ico" since certain browsers will
@@ -146,10 +150,6 @@ logo-link::
calculated url of the repository index page will be used. Default
value: none.
- If set to "1" lines in tree view will have numbers.
- Default value: "0".
Specifies the number of entries to list per page in "log" view. Default
value: "50".