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* Handle missing timestamp in commit/tag objectsLars Hjemli2007-12-021-0/+4
* Don't show the the branch selector button if javascript is enabledLars Hjemli2007-11-031-1/+1
* Do not require javascript-enabled clientsLars Hjemli2007-11-031-0/+4
* Don't include current SHA1 in 'log' menu-itemLars Hjemli2007-11-031-2/+2
* Don't include current path in menu linksLars Hjemli2007-11-031-3/+2
* Fix search form action/hidden fieldsLars Hjemli2007-11-031-18/+24
* Add search parameters to cgit_log_linkLars Hjemli2007-11-031-2/+11
* Change the cgit layoutLars Hjemli2007-10-301-50/+122
* Teach cgit_object_link() about tag objectsLars Hjemli2007-10-281-0/+3
* Teach log search about --grep, --author and --committerLars Hjemli2007-10-281-2/+7
* Add links to the new refs page from summary pageLars Hjemli2007-10-271-0/+6
* cgit_print_snapshot_links: use url to specify snapshot nameLars Hjemli2007-07-231-0/+6
* Merge branch 'master' of git://git.klever.net/patchwork/cgitLars Hjemli2007-07-221-4/+37
| * introduce cgit_repobasenameMichael Krelin2007-07-211-0/+24
| * added snapshot filename to the linkMichael Krelin2007-07-211-4/+13
* | Add ui-tag.cLars Hjemli2007-07-221-0/+24
* Merge branch 'lh/menu'Lars Hjemli2007-06-291-16/+55
| * Add ofs argument to cgit_log_link and use it in ui-log.cLars Hjemli2007-06-291-3/+19
| * Do not include current path in the "tree" menu linkLars Hjemli2007-06-261-1/+1
| * Change "files" to "tree"Lars Hjemli2007-06-181-1/+1
| * Add more menuitems on repo pagesLars Hjemli2007-06-181-14/+37
* | Add version info from git-describeLars Hjemli2007-06-181-1/+1
* Add cgit_diff_link()Lars Hjemli2007-06-171-0/+22
* Add cgit_commit_link() + support for id=sha1 to commit viewLars Hjemli2007-06-171-2/+14
* Add git_log_link() and fix bug in generic repolink functionLars Hjemli2007-06-171-4/+16
* ui-shared: use strcmp() to compare stringsLars Hjemli2007-06-171-2/+2
* Add and use cgit_tree_link()Lars Hjemli2007-06-171-0/+64
* Use & instead of & in URLs.Ondrej Jirman2007-05-311-2/+2
* Bad html: it's nice to add alt-attributesLars Hjemli2007-05-241-1/+1
* Bad html: <form> should have an action-attributeLars Hjemli2007-05-241-1/+1
* Add cgit_print_age() functionLars Hjemli2007-05-221-3/+44
* Enable url=value querystring parameterLars Hjemli2007-05-181-1/+4
* Make git_pageurl handle NULL querystringsLars Hjemli2007-05-161-2/+6
* Don't hardcode urls when SCRIPT_NAME is availableLars Hjemli2007-05-151-2/+2
* ui-shared.c: fix whitespace breakageLars Hjemli2007-05-151-6/+5
* Layout updateLars Hjemli2007-02-211-10/+27
* Add support for snapshotsLars Hjemli2007-02-081-0/+11
* Fix search for non-virtual urlsLars Hjemli2007-02-031-0/+6
* Change global document layoutLars Hjemli2007-01-281-2/+3
* Use long instead of int when converting from TTL to secondsLars Hjemli2007-01-051-1/+1
* Add generic support for search box in page headerLars Hjemli2006-12-281-1/+27
* Make repo header a link to summary pageLars Hjemli2006-12-161-0/+4
* Move cgit_print_date into ui-shared, reuse in ui-summaryLars Hjemli2006-12-161-0/+12
* Move functions for repolist output into ui-repolist.cLars Hjemli2006-12-111-0/+21
* Move common output-functions into ui-shared.cLars Hjemli2006-12-111-0/+76