glouglou - machine activity visualisation in real time 

The solution is constitued of multiple probes, multiple analyser and a relay
daemon that provides visualisation of network and process activity on local or
remote machines in real time.

List of programs

The library:
libglouglou - undelaying library for glougloud and glouglou clients

The daemon:
glougloud - relay glouglou packets between probes and visualisation clients

The probes:
gg_trackproc - glouglou probe client in C that track process activity
gg_sniff (INPROGRESS) - glouglou probe client of network activity

The analysers / visualisation clients:
gg_elife - glouglou visualisation client of process activity in e17 background
gg_map (INPROGRESS) - glouglou visualisation client of network activity on a map

Order of installation

1. libglouglou
2. glougloud daemon
3. probes
4. analysers/visualisation clients