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@@ -107,3 +107,37 @@ filter out the Pointer Authentication system key registers from
KVM_GET/SET_REG_* ioctls and mask those features from cpufeature ID
register. Any attempt to use the Pointer Authentication instructions will
result in an UNDEFINED exception being injected into the guest.
+Enabling and disabling keys
+The prctl PR_PAC_SET_ENABLED_KEYS allows the user program to control which
+PAC keys are enabled in a particular task. It takes two arguments, the
+first being a bitmask of PR_PAC_APIAKEY, PR_PAC_APIBKEY, PR_PAC_APDAKEY
+and PR_PAC_APDBKEY specifying which keys shall be affected by this prctl,
+and the second being a bitmask of the same bits specifying whether the key
+should be enabled or disabled. For example::
+ PR_PAC_APIBKEY, 0, 0);
+disables all keys except the IB key.
+The main reason why this is useful is to enable a userspace ABI that uses PAC
+instructions to sign and authenticate function pointers and other pointers
+exposed outside of the function, while still allowing binaries conforming to
+the ABI to interoperate with legacy binaries that do not sign or authenticate
+The idea is that a dynamic loader or early startup code would issue this
+prctl very early after establishing that a process may load legacy binaries,
+but before executing any PAC instructions.
+For compatibility with previous kernel versions, processes start up with IA,
+IB, DA and DB enabled, and are reset to this state on exec(). Processes created
+via fork() and clone() inherit the key enabled state from the calling process.
+It is recommended to avoid disabling the IA key, as this has higher performance
+overhead than disabling any of the other keys.