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@@ -595,7 +595,7 @@ able to run one test case per invocation.
KUnit debugfs representation
When kunit test suites are initialized, they create an associated directory
-in /sys/kernel/debug/kunit/<test-suite>. The directory contains one file
+in ``/sys/kernel/debug/kunit/<test-suite>``. The directory contains one file
- results: "cat results" displays results of each test case and the results
of the entire suite for the last test run.
@@ -604,4 +604,4 @@ The debugfs representation is primarily of use when kunit test suites are
run in a native environment, either as modules or builtin. Having a way
to display results like this is valuable as otherwise results can be
intermixed with other events in dmesg output. The maximum size of each
-results file is KUNIT_LOG_SIZE bytes (defined in include/kunit/test.h).
+results file is KUNIT_LOG_SIZE bytes (defined in ``include/kunit/test.h``).