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parentMerge branch 'bpfilter' (diff)
parentnfp: assign vNIC id as phys_port_name of vNICs which are not ports (diff)
Merge branch 'nfp-abm-add-basic-support-for-advanced-buffering-NIC'
Jakub Kicinski says: ==================== nfp: abm: add basic support for advanced buffering NIC This series lays groundwork for advanced buffer management NIC feature. It makes necessary NFP core changes, spawns representors and adds devlink glue. Following series will add the actual buffering configuration (patch series size limit). First three patches add support for configuring NFP buffer pools via a mailbox. The existing devlink APIs are used for the purpose. Third patch allows us to perform small reads from the NFP memory. The rest of the patch set adds eswitch mode change support and makes the driver spawn appropriate representors. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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