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Pull MIPS updates from Ralf Baechle: o Add basic support for the Mediatek/Ralink Wireless SoC family. o The Qualcomm Atheros platform is extended by support for the new QCA955X SoC series as well as a bunch of patches that get the code ready for OF support. o Lantiq and BCM47XX platform have a few improvements and bug fixes. o MIPS has sent a few patches that get the kernel ready for the upcoming microMIPS support. o The rest of the series is made up of small bug fixes and cleanups that relate to various parts of the MIPS code. The biggy in there is a whitespace cleanup. After I was sent another set of whitespace cleanup patches I decided it was the time to clean the whitespace "issues" for once and and that touches many files below arch/mips/. Fix up silly conflicts, mostly due to whitespace cleanups. * 'upstream' of git://git.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/ralf/upstream-linus: (105 commits) MIPS: Quit exporting kernel internel break codes to uapi/asm/break.h MIPS: remove broken conditional inside vpe loader code MIPS: SMTC: fix implicit declaration of set_vi_handler MIPS: early_printk: drop __init annotations MIPS: Probe for and report hardware virtualization support. MIPS: ath79: add support for the Qualcomm Atheros AP136-010 board MIPS: ath79: add USB controller registration code for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: add PCI controller registration code for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: add WMAC registration code for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: register UART for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: add QCA955X specific glue to ath79_device_reset_{set, clear} MIPS: ath79: add GPIO setup code for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: add IRQ handling code for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: add clock setup code for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: add SoC detection code for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: add early printk support for the QCA955X SoCs MIPS: ath79: fix WMAC IRQ resource assignment mips: reserve elfcorehdr mips: Make sure kernel memory is in iomem MIPS: ath79: use dynamically allocated USB platform devices ...
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+Lantiq SoC ASC serial controller
+Required properties:
+- compatible : Should be "lantiq,asc"
+- reg : Address and length of the register set for the device
+- interrupts: the 3 (tx rx err) interrupt numbers. The interrupt specifier
+ depends on the interrupt-parent interrupt controller.
+asc1: serial@E100C00 {
+ compatible = "lantiq,asc";
+ reg = <0xE100C00 0x400>;
+ interrupt-parent = <&icu0>;
+ interrupts = <112 113 114>;