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hwmon: driver for SMM665 Six-Channel Active DC Output Controller/Monitor
This driver adds support for the monitoring features of the Summit Microelectronics SMM665 Six-Channel Active DC Output Controller/Monitor. Signed-off-by: Guenter Roeck <guenter.roeck@ericsson.com> Acked-by: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@cam.ac.uk> Cc: Jean Delvare <khali@linux-fr.org> Cc: Hans de Goede <hdegoede@redhat.com> Cc: Mark Brown <broonie@opensource.wolfsonmicro.com> Cc: Samuel Ortiz <sameo@linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
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+Kernel driver smm665
+Supported chips:
+ * Summit Microelectronics SMM465
+ Prefix: 'smm465'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet:
+ http://www.summitmicro.com/prod_select/summary/SMM465/SMM465DS.pdf
+ * Summit Microelectronics SMM665, SMM665B
+ Prefix: 'smm665'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet:
+ http://www.summitmicro.com/prod_select/summary/SMM665/SMM665B_2089_20.pdf
+ * Summit Microelectronics SMM665C
+ Prefix: 'smm665c'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet:
+ http://www.summitmicro.com/prod_select/summary/SMM665C/SMM665C_2125.pdf
+ * Summit Microelectronics SMM764
+ Prefix: 'smm764'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet:
+ http://www.summitmicro.com/prod_select/summary/SMM764/SMM764_2098.pdf
+ * Summit Microelectronics SMM766, SMM766B
+ Prefix: 'smm766'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheets:
+ http://www.summitmicro.com/prod_select/summary/SMM766/SMM766_2086.pdf
+ http://www.summitmicro.com/prod_select/summary/SMM766B/SMM766B_2122.pdf
+Author: Guenter Roeck <guenter.roeck@ericsson.com>
+Module Parameters
+* vref: int
+ Default: 1250 (mV)
+ Reference voltage on VREF_ADC pin in mV. It should not be necessary to set
+ this parameter unless a non-default reference voltage is used.
+[From datasheet] The SMM665 is an Active DC Output power supply Controller
+that monitors, margins and cascade sequences power. The part monitors six
+power supply channels as well as VDD, 12V input, two general-purpose analog
+inputs and an internal temperature sensor using a 10-bit ADC.
+Each monitored channel has its own high and low limits, plus a critical
+Support for SMM465, SMM764, and SMM766 has been implemented but is untested.
+Usage Notes
+This driver does not probe for devices, since there is no register which
+can be safely used to identify the chip. You will have to instantiate
+the devices explicitly. When instantiating the device, you have to specify
+its configuration register address.
+Example: the following will load the driver for an SMM665 at address 0x57
+on I2C bus #1:
+$ modprobe smm665
+$ echo smm665 0x57 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1/new_device
+Sysfs entries
+This driver uses the values in the datasheet to convert ADC register values
+into the values specified in the sysfs-interface document. All attributes are
+read only.
+Min, max, lcrit, and crit values are used by the chip to trigger external signals
+and/or other activity. Triggered signals can include HEALTHY, RST, Power Off,
+or Fault depending on the chip configuration. The driver reports values as lcrit
+or crit if exceeding the limits triggers RST, Power Off, or Fault, and as min or
+max otherwise. For details please see the SMM665 datasheet.
+For SMM465 and SMM764, values for Channel E and F are reported but undefined.
+in1_input 12V input voltage (mV)
+in2_input 3.3V (VDD) input voltage (mV)
+in3_input Channel A voltage (mV)
+in4_input Channel B voltage (mV)
+in5_input Channel C voltage (mV)
+in6_input Channel D voltage (mV)
+in7_input Channel E voltage (mV)
+in8_input Channel F voltage (mV)
+in9_input AIN1 voltage (mV)
+in10_input AIN2 voltage (mV)
+in1_min 12v input minimum voltage (mV)
+in2_min 3.3V (VDD) input minimum voltage (mV)
+in3_min Channel A minimum voltage (mV)
+in4_min Channel B minimum voltage (mV)
+in5_min Channel C minimum voltage (mV)
+in6_min Channel D minimum voltage (mV)
+in7_min Channel E minimum voltage (mV)
+in8_min Channel F minimum voltage (mV)
+in9_min AIN1 minimum voltage (mV)
+in10_min AIN2 minimum voltage (mV)
+in1_max 12v input maximum voltage (mV)
+in2_max 3.3V (VDD) input maximum voltage (mV)
+in3_max Channel A maximum voltage (mV)
+in4_max Channel B maximum voltage (mV)
+in5_max Channel C maximum voltage (mV)
+in6_max Channel D maximum voltage (mV)
+in7_max Channel E maximum voltage (mV)
+in8_max Channel F maximum voltage (mV)
+in9_max AIN1 maximum voltage (mV)
+in10_max AIN2 maximum voltage (mV)
+in1_lcrit 12v input critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in2_lcrit 3.3V (VDD) input critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in3_lcrit Channel A critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in4_lcrit Channel B critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in5_lcrit Channel C critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in6_lcrit Channel D critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in7_lcrit Channel E critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in8_lcrit Channel F critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in9_lcrit AIN1 critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in10_lcrit AIN2 critical minimum voltage (mV)
+in1_crit 12v input critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in2_crit 3.3V (VDD) input critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in3_crit Channel A critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in4_crit Channel B critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in5_crit Channel C critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in6_crit Channel D critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in7_crit Channel E critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in8_crit Channel F critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in9_crit AIN1 critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in10_crit AIN2 critical maximum voltage (mV)
+in1_crit_alarm 12v input critical alarm
+in2_crit_alarm 3.3V (VDD) input critical alarm
+in3_crit_alarm Channel A critical alarm
+in4_crit_alarm Channel B critical alarm
+in5_crit_alarm Channel C critical alarm
+in6_crit_alarm Channel D critical alarm
+in7_crit_alarm Channel E critical alarm
+in8_crit_alarm Channel F critical alarm
+in9_crit_alarm AIN1 critical alarm
+in10_crit_alarm AIN2 critical alarm
+temp1_input Chip tempererature
+temp1_min Mimimum chip tempererature
+temp1_max Maximum chip tempererature
+temp1_crit Critical chip tempererature
+temp1_crit_alarm Temperature critical alarm