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parentKEYS: Skip key state checks when checking for possession (diff)
KEYS: Use bool in make_key_ref() and is_key_possessed()
Make make_key_ref() take a bool possession parameter and make is_key_possessed() return a bool. Signed-off-by: David Howells <dhowells@redhat.com>
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calling processes has a searchable link to the key from one of its
keyrings. There are three functions for dealing with these:
- key_ref_t make_key_ref(const struct key *key,
- unsigned long possession);
+ key_ref_t make_key_ref(const struct key *key, bool possession);
struct key *key_ref_to_ptr(const key_ref_t key_ref);
- unsigned long is_key_possessed(const key_ref_t key_ref);
+ bool is_key_possessed(const key_ref_t key_ref);
The first function constructs a key reference from a key pointer and
- possession information (which must be 0 or 1 and not any other value).
+ possession information (which must be true or false).
The second function retrieves the key pointer from a reference and the
third retrieves the possession flag.