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Pull kconfig changes from Michal Marek: "I forgot to send a pull request in time for the v3.8-rc1 merge window, so the list is a bit longer this time: - menuconfig enables extended colors in ncurses if the wide-character version is used. - CONFIG_ prefix can be specified in the environment to make life easier for people using kconfig multiple times in a single tree (no functional change in the kernel kconfig usage). - kconfig aborts on OOM. - inputboxes in menuconfig allow to move the cursor. - menuconfig has Save/Load buttons now. - xconfig build fix with new g++ and Qt3. - nconfig color scheme fix and help text update. - make oldconfig prints newlines when output is redirected. - some other minor fixes." * 'kconfig' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mmarek/kbuild: kbuild: Fix missing '\n' for NEW symbols in yes "" | make oldconfig >conf.new kconfig: nconf: rewrite labels of function keys line kconfig: nconf: rewrite help texts kconfig: fix a compiliation error when using make xconfig nconf: function keys line, change background color for better readability menuconfig: Get rid of the top-level entries for "Load an Alternate/Save an Alternate" menuconfig: Add Save/Load buttons kconfig:lxdialog: remove duplicate code menuconfig:inputbox: support navigate input position kconfig: document use of CONFIG_ environment variable scripts/kconfig: ensure we use proper CONFIG_ prefix merge_config.sh: Add option to specify output dir Revert "kconfig-language: add to hints" kconfig: Regenerate lexer kconfig: Fix malloc handling in conf tools kconfig: get CONFIG_ prefix from the environment kconfig: add a function to get the CONFIG_ prefix kconfig: remove CONFIG_ from string constants menuconfig: fix extended colors ncurses support
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@@ -388,26 +388,3 @@ config FOO
depends on BAR && m
limits FOO to module (=m) or disabled (=n).
-Kconfig symbol existence
-The following two methods produce the same kconfig symbol dependencies
-but differ greatly in kconfig symbol existence (production) in the
-generated config file.
-case 1:
-config FOO
- tristate "about foo"
- depends on BAR
-vs. case 2:
-if BAR
-config FOO
- tristate "about foo"
-In case 1, the symbol FOO will always exist in the config file (given
-no other dependencies). In case 2, the symbol FOO will only exist in
-the config file if BAR is enabled.
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If you set KCONFIG_OVERWRITECONFIG in the environment, Kconfig will not
break symlinks when .config is a symlink to somewhere else.
+If you set CONFIG_ in the environment, Kconfig will prefix all symbols
+with its value when saving the configuration, instead of using the default,
Environment variables for '{allyes/allmod/allno/rand}config'