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@@ -28,11 +28,7 @@ Manish Singh <manish.singh@oracle.com>
Features which OCFS2 does not support yet:
- - sparse files
- extended attributes
- - shared writable mmap
- - loopback is supported, but data written will not
- be cluster coherent.
- quotas
- cluster aware flock
- cluster aware lockf
@@ -57,3 +53,12 @@ nointr Do not allow signals to interrupt cluster
atime_quantum=60(*) OCFS2 will not update atime unless this number
of seconds has passed since the last update.
Set to zero to always update atime.
+data=ordered (*) All data are forced directly out to the main file
+ system prior to its metadata being committed to the
+ journal.
+data=writeback Data ordering is not preserved, data may be written
+ into the main file system after its metadata has been
+ committed to the journal.
+preferred_slot=0(*) During mount, try to use this filesystem slot first. If
+ it is in use by another node, the first empty one found
+ will be chosen. Invalid values will be ignored.