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In such systems entry-latency-us + exit-latency-us
will exceed wakeup-latency-us by this duration.
+ - status:
+ Usage: Optional
+ Value type: <string>
+ Definition: A standard device tree property [5] that indicates
+ the operational status of an idle-state.
+ If present, it shall be:
+ "okay": to indicate that the idle state is
+ operational.
+ "disabled": to indicate that the idle state has
+ been disabled in firmware so it is not
+ operational.
+ If the property is not present the idle-state must
+ be considered operational.
+ - idle-state-name:
+ Usage: Optional
+ Value type: <string>
+ Definition: A string used as a descriptive name for the idle
+ state.
In addition to the properties listed above, a state node may require
additional properties specifics to the entry-method defined in the
idle-states node, please refer to the entry-method bindings