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parentocfs2: Add missing permission checks (diff)
ocfs2: Support commit= mount option
Mostly taken from ext3. This allows the user to set the jbd commit interval, in seconds. The default of 5 seconds stays the same, but now users can easily increase the commit interval. Typically, this would be increased in order to benefit performance at the expense of data-safety. Signed-off-by: Mark Fasheh <mark.fasheh@oracle.com>
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@@ -61,3 +61,14 @@ data=writeback Data ordering is not preserved, data may be written
preferred_slot=0(*) During mount, try to use this filesystem slot first. If
it is in use by another node, the first empty one found
will be chosen. Invalid values will be ignored.
+commit=nrsec (*) Ocfs2 can be told to sync all its data and metadata
+ every 'nrsec' seconds. The default value is 5 seconds.
+ This means that if you lose your power, you will lose
+ as much as the latest 5 seconds of work (your
+ filesystem will not be damaged though, thanks to the
+ journaling). This default value (or any low value)
+ will hurt performance, but it's good for data-safety.
+ Setting it to 0 will have the same effect as leaving
+ it at the default (5 seconds).
+ Setting it to very large values will improve
+ performance.