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parentMerge branch 'nfp-crc32-rss-hash-port-name-reporting-and-misc-fastpath-cleanups' (diff)
parentbonding: reduce scope of some global variables (diff)
Merge branch 'bonding-winter-cleanup'
Mahesh Bandewar says: ==================== bonding: winter cleanup Few cleanup patches that I have accumulated over some time now. (a) First two patches are basically to move the work-queue initialization from every ndo_open / bond_open operation to once at the beginning while port creation. Work-queue initialization is an unnecessary operation for every 'ifup' operation. However we have some mode-specific work-queues and mode can change anytime after port creation. So the second patch is to ensure the correct work-handler is called based on the mode. (b) Third patch is simple and straightforward that removes hard-coded value that was added into the initial commit and replaces it with the default value configured. (c) The final patch in the series removes the unimplemented "port-moved" state from the LACP state machine. This state is defined but never set so removing from the state machine logic makes code little cleaner. (d) Reduce scope of some global variables to local. Note: None of these patches are making any functional changes. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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