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parentdrivers/net: support hdlc function for QE-UCC (diff)
parentbe2net: Fix provisioning of RSS for VFs in multi-partition configurations (diff)
Merge branch 'be2net-noncrit-fixes'
Sathya Perla says: ==================== be2net: patch set Hi David, the following patch set contains three non-critical fixes that can go into the net-next tree. Patch 1 fixes the logic for provisioning queue pairs on VFs to take into account the limit on number of TXQs too as in some profiles the number of TXQs is less than that of RXQs. Patch 2 enables WoL support from shutdown on Skyhawk. Patch 3 enhances the logic for provisioning queue pairs on VFs on SR-IOV over multi-partition configs. Each PF (partition) on a port has to compute the number of RSS tables it's VFs can use. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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