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Jakub Kicinski says: ==================== nfp: ctrl vNIC This series adds the ability to use one vNIC as a control channel for passing messages to and from the application firmware. The implementation restructures the existing netdev vNIC code to be able to deal with nfp_nets with netdev pointer set to NULL. Control vNICs are not visible to userspace (other than for dumping ring state), and since they don't have netdevs we use a tasklet for RX and simple skb list for TX queuing. Due to special status of the control vNIC we have to reshuffle the init code a bit to make sure control vNIC will be fully brought up (and therefore communication with app FW can happen) before any netdev or port is visible to user space. FW will designate which vNIC is supposed to be used as control one by setting _pf%u_net_ctrl_bar symbol. Some FWs depend on metadata being prepended to control message, some prefer to look at queue ID to decide that something is a control message. Our implementation can cater to both. First two users of this code will be eBPF maps and flower offloads. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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