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authorSteven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>2007-05-15 15:37:50 +0100
committerSteven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>2007-07-09 08:22:24 +0100
commitdbb7cae2a36170cd17ffbe286ec0c91a998740ff (patch)
tree1f4da65b07ac31648fe9b72f2742075486a86008 /fs/gfs2/inode.h
parent[GFS2] Reduce size of struct gdlm_lock (diff)
[GFS2] Clean up inode number handling
This patch cleans up the inode number handling code. The main difference is that instead of looking up the inodes using a struct gfs2_inum_host we now use just the no_addr member of this structure. The tests relating to no_formal_ino can then be done by the calling code. This has advantages in that we want to do different things in different code paths if the no_formal_ino doesn't match. In the NFS patch we want to return -ESTALE, but in the ->lookup() path, its a bug in the fs if the no_formal_ino doesn't match and thus we can withdraw in this case. In order to later fix bz #201012, we need to be able to look up an inode without knowing no_formal_ino, as the only information that is known to us is the on-disk location of the inode in question. This patch will also help us to fix bz #236099 at a later date by cleaning up a lot of the code in that area. There are no user visible changes as a result of this patch and there are no changes to the on-disk format either. Signed-off-by: Steven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>
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1 files changed, 12 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/fs/gfs2/inode.h b/fs/gfs2/inode.h
index b57f448b15bc..05fc095d8540 100644
--- a/fs/gfs2/inode.h
+++ b/fs/gfs2/inode.h
@@ -10,17 +10,17 @@
#ifndef __INODE_DOT_H__
#define __INODE_DOT_H__
-static inline int gfs2_is_stuffed(struct gfs2_inode *ip)
+static inline int gfs2_is_stuffed(const struct gfs2_inode *ip)
return !ip->i_di.di_height;
-static inline int gfs2_is_jdata(struct gfs2_inode *ip)
+static inline int gfs2_is_jdata(const struct gfs2_inode *ip)
return ip->i_di.di_flags & GFS2_DIF_JDATA;
-static inline int gfs2_is_dir(struct gfs2_inode *ip)
+static inline int gfs2_is_dir(const struct gfs2_inode *ip)
return S_ISDIR(ip->i_inode.i_mode);
@@ -32,9 +32,15 @@ static inline void gfs2_set_inode_blocks(struct inode *inode)
(GFS2_SB(inode)->sd_sb.sb_bsize_shift - GFS2_BASIC_BLOCK_SHIFT);
+static inline int gfs2_check_inum(const struct gfs2_inode *ip, u64 no_addr,
+ u64 no_formal_ino)
+ return ip->i_no_addr == no_addr && ip->i_no_formal_ino == no_formal_ino;
void gfs2_inode_attr_in(struct gfs2_inode *ip);
-struct inode *gfs2_inode_lookup(struct super_block *sb, struct gfs2_inum_host *inum, unsigned type);
-struct inode *gfs2_ilookup(struct super_block *sb, struct gfs2_inum_host *inum);
+struct inode *gfs2_inode_lookup(struct super_block *sb, u64 no_addr, unsigned type);
+struct inode *gfs2_ilookup(struct super_block *sb, u64 no_addr);
int gfs2_inode_refresh(struct gfs2_inode *ip);
@@ -47,7 +53,7 @@ struct inode *gfs2_createi(struct gfs2_holder *ghs, const struct qstr *name,
int gfs2_rmdiri(struct gfs2_inode *dip, const struct qstr *name,
struct gfs2_inode *ip);
int gfs2_unlink_ok(struct gfs2_inode *dip, const struct qstr *name,
- struct gfs2_inode *ip);
+ const struct gfs2_inode *ip);
int gfs2_ok_to_move(struct gfs2_inode *this, struct gfs2_inode *to);
int gfs2_readlinki(struct gfs2_inode *ip, char **buf, unsigned int *len);
int gfs2_glock_nq_atime(struct gfs2_holder *gh);