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authorTrond Myklebust <trond.myklebust@primarydata.com>2017-02-01 20:42:44 -0500
committerTrond Myklebust <trond.myklebust@hammerspace.com>2018-05-31 15:03:11 -0400
commitd49e0d5b999621412ffb177f08a1c1746dfb6071 (patch)
tree8da9556b8140531e27f180cd726dba6e8e3e8cba /fs/nfs/pnfs.c
parentpnfs: Fix manipulation of NFS_LAYOUT_FIRST_LAYOUTGET (diff)
NFSv4/pnfs: Ensure pnfs_parse_lgopen() won't try to parse uninitialised data
We need to ensure that pnfs_parse_lgopen() doesn't try to parse a struct nfs4_layoutget_res that was not filled by a successful call to decode_layoutget(). This can happen if we performed a cached open, or if either the OP_ACCESS or OP_GETATTR operations preceding the OP_LAYOUTGET in the compound returned an error. By initialising the 'status' field to NFS4ERR_DELAY, we ensure that pnfs_parse_lgopen() won't try to interpret the structure. Signed-off-by: Trond Myklebust <trond.myklebust@hammerspace.com>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/fs/nfs/pnfs.c b/fs/nfs/pnfs.c
index b0e42fd07cb1..4d3f04d55a65 100644
--- a/fs/nfs/pnfs.c
+++ b/fs/nfs/pnfs.c
@@ -994,7 +994,8 @@ pnfs_alloc_init_layoutget_args(struct inode *ino,
lgp->args.layout.pglen = max_pages * PAGE_SIZE;
lgp->res.layoutp = &lgp->args.layout;
+ /* Don't confuse uninitialised result and success */
+ lgp->res.status = -NFS4ERR_DELAY;
lgp->args.minlength = PAGE_SIZE;
if (lgp->args.minlength > range->length)