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authorStefano Brivio <sbrivio@redhat.com>2020-01-22 00:17:53 +0100
committerPablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@netfilter.org>2020-01-27 08:54:30 +0100
commitf3a2181e16f1dcbf5446ed43f6b5d9f56c459f85 (patch)
tree45aab6a4fdd67488b4ba290151550d97853a79eb /include/net
parentnetfilter: nf_tables: add NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY_END attribute (diff)
netfilter: nf_tables: Support for sets with multiple ranged fields
Introduce a new nested netlink attribute, NFTA_SET_DESC_CONCAT, used to specify the length of each field in a set concatenation. This allows set implementations to support concatenation of multiple ranged items, as they can divide the input key into matching data for every single field. Such set implementations would be selected as they specify support for NFT_SET_INTERVAL and allow desc->field_count to be greater than one. Explicitly disallow this for nft_set_rbtree. In order to specify the interval for a set entry, userspace would include in NFTA_SET_DESC_CONCAT attributes field lengths, and pass range endpoints as two separate keys, represented by attributes NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY and NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY_END. While at it, export the number of 32-bit registers available for packet matching, as nftables will need this to know the maximum number of field lengths that can be specified. For example, "packets with an IPv4 address between and, with destination port between 22 and 25", can be expressed as two concatenated elements: NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY: . 22 NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY_END: . 25 and NFTA_SET_DESC_CONCAT attribute would contain: NFTA_LIST_ELEM NFTA_SET_FIELD_LEN: 4 NFTA_LIST_ELEM NFTA_SET_FIELD_LEN: 2 v4: No changes v3: Complete rework, NFTA_SET_DESC_CONCAT instead of NFTA_SET_SUBKEY v2: No changes Signed-off-by: Stefano Brivio <sbrivio@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@netfilter.org>
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diff --git a/include/net/netfilter/nf_tables.h b/include/net/netfilter/nf_tables.h
index 504c0aa93805..4170c033d461 100644
--- a/include/net/netfilter/nf_tables.h
+++ b/include/net/netfilter/nf_tables.h
@@ -264,11 +264,15 @@ struct nft_set_iter {
* @klen: key length
* @dlen: data length
* @size: number of set elements
+ * @field_len: length of each field in concatenation, bytes
+ * @field_count: number of concatenated fields in element
struct nft_set_desc {
unsigned int klen;
unsigned int dlen;
unsigned int size;
+ u8 field_len[NFT_REG32_COUNT];
+ u8 field_count;
@@ -409,6 +413,8 @@ void nft_unregister_set(struct nft_set_type *type);
* @dtype: data type (verdict or numeric type defined by userspace)
* @objtype: object type (see NFT_OBJECT_* definitions)
* @size: maximum set size
+ * @field_len: length of each field in concatenation, bytes
+ * @field_count: number of concatenated fields in element
* @use: number of rules references to this set
* @nelems: number of elements
* @ndeact: number of deactivated elements queued for removal
@@ -435,6 +441,8 @@ struct nft_set {
u32 dtype;
u32 objtype;
u32 size;
+ u8 field_len[NFT_REG32_COUNT];
+ u8 field_count;
u32 use;
atomic_t nelems;
u32 ndeact;