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authorJohan Hedberg <johan.hedberg@intel.com>2015-04-07 21:52:21 +0300
committerMarcel Holtmann <marcel@holtmann.org>2015-04-07 23:11:37 +0200
commitd619ffcfbd07983d34dc87d474af6cb5c21adf27 (patch)
tree9701d22e8f76f070c41a5196f19478405f607eec /include
parentBluetooth: hci_uart: Use generic Intel support for address setting (diff)
Bluetooth: Update SSP OOB data EIR definitions
Since Bluetooth 4.1 there are two additional values for SSP OOB data, namely C-256 and R-256. This patch updates the EIR definitions to take into account both the 192 and 256 bit variants of C and R. Signed-off-by: Johan Hedberg <johan.hedberg@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Marcel Holtmann <marcel@holtmann.org>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h b/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h
index 3acecf35420b..2f8c830e600c 100644
--- a/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h
+++ b/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h
@@ -463,12 +463,14 @@ enum {
#define EIR_NAME_COMPLETE 0x09 /* complete local name */
#define EIR_TX_POWER 0x0A /* transmit power level */
#define EIR_CLASS_OF_DEV 0x0D /* Class of Device */
-#define EIR_SSP_HASH_C 0x0E /* Simple Pairing Hash C */
-#define EIR_SSP_RAND_R 0x0F /* Simple Pairing Randomizer R */
+#define EIR_SSP_HASH_C192 0x0E /* Simple Pairing Hash C-192 */
+#define EIR_SSP_RAND_R192 0x0F /* Simple Pairing Randomizer R-192 */
#define EIR_DEVICE_ID 0x10 /* device ID */
#define EIR_APPEARANCE 0x19 /* Device appearance */
#define EIR_LE_BDADDR 0x1B /* LE Bluetooth device address */
#define EIR_LE_ROLE 0x1C /* LE role */
+#define EIR_SSP_HASH_C256 0x1D /* Simple Pairing Hash C-256 */
+#define EIR_SSP_RAND_R256 0x1E /* Simple Pairing Rand R-256 */
#define EIR_LE_SC_CONFIRM 0x22 /* LE SC Confirmation Value */
#define EIR_LE_SC_RANDOM 0x23 /* LE SC Random Value */