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authorKari Argillander <kari.argillander@gmail.com>2021-08-29 17:42:39 +0300
committerKonstantin Komarov <almaz.alexandrovich@paragon-software.com>2021-09-02 18:51:27 +0300
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parentfs/ntfs3: Remove GPL boilerplates from decompress lib files (diff)
fs/ntfs3: Change how module init/info messages are displayed
Usually in file system init() messages are only displayed in info level. Change level from notice to info, but keep CONFIG_NTFS3_64BIT_CLUSTER in notice level. Also this need even more attention so let's put big warning here so that nobody will not try accidentally use it. There is also no good reason to display internal stuff like binary tree search. This is always on option which can only disabled for debugging purposes by developer. Also this message does not even check if developer has disabled it or not so it is useless info. Signed-off-by: Kari Argillander <kari.argillander@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Konstantin Komarov <almaz.alexandrovich@paragon-software.com>
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