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parentnet: phy: realtek: fix double page ops in generic Realtek driver (diff)
parentnet: dsa: Remove the now unused DSA_SKB_CB_COPY() macro (diff)
Merge branch 'dsa-Fix-a-bug-and-avoid-dangerous-usage-patterns'
Vladimir Oltean says: ==================== Fix a bug and avoid dangerous usage patterns around DSA_SKB_CB Making DSA use the sk_buff control block was my idea during the 'Traffic-support-for-SJA1105-DSA-driver' patchset, and I had also introduced a series of macro helpers that turned out to not be so helpful: 1. DSA_SKB_ZERO() zeroizes the 48-byte skb->cb area, but due to the high performance impact in the hotpath it was only intended to be called from the timestamping path. But it turns out that not zeroizing it has uncovered the reading of an uninitialized member field of DSA_SKB_CB, so in the future just be careful about what needs initialization and remove this macro. 2. DSA_SKB_CLONE() contains a flaw in its body definition (originally put there to silence checkpatch.pl) and is unusable at this point (will only cause NPE's when used). So remove it. 3. For DSA_SKB_COPY() the same performance considerations apply as above and therefore it's best to prune this function before it reaches a stable kernel and potentially any users. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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